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Apply IP address restrictions to your Windows Azure Cloud A few weeks ago I was involved in a discussion about the Staging slot in Cloud Services. The staging slot typically contains the new version of your application which you are testing (and planning to release). Deploy to Azure App Services from anywhere (yes, even Jenkins) Why would you deploy something to Azure from Jenkins, when there are perfectly adapted and way better options, would you ask? I have a perfectly valid set of...

In this post I want to give you another example of automating DevOps activities. This time we're going update configuration settings of a running Azure cloud service. I am talking about settings we specify in .cscfg files.

In this article, we will learn how to implement VIP Swapping of Production and Staging slots in Azure Cloud Service, using Azure Management Portal. Cloud Services - Deploy web apps & APIs | Microsoft Azure Azure Cloud Services gives you a staging environment for testing a new release, without affecting the existing release, which reduces the chances of customer downtime. When you’re ready to deploy the new release to production, just swap the staging environment into production. Salvo(z) - The purpose of the Staging Deployment Slot

I want you to try something for me (pretty please with cherry on top ). Fire up Visual Studio, create a simple Windows Azure Cloud Service and then without making any changes just publish that service.

Deploy your application to an Azure Cloud Service - OnCheckin Deploying an Azure Cloud service couldn’t be easier than using OnCheckin to build and deploy your service. Allow VIP Swap when Staging slot is up and Running – Customer Recently we had a problem where we had ~1h of downtime which could have been avoided if VIP swap wasn’t failing. The problem was that 1 single VM was in a busy state in Production slot. Běžné úkoly správy cloudových služeb | Microsoft Docs

How to warm up Azure Web App during deployment slots swap Azure Web App deployment slots are used to help roll out new versions of an app without downtime or cold start activation. New version is typically deployed to a staging slot, then after testing and final verification it gets swapped into a production slot.

Octopus Deploy: Discussion Yeah, Cloud Services, slots and VIP swapping make a lot of sense for Web Servers where the requests are inbound, or push-based.

Pull-based systems, like queue processors, you don't really get any benefit from slots and VIP swapping. As soon as the queue processor can pull messages from the queue, it's going to start processing them!

At this point I can make a couple of ... Salvo(z) - The purpose of the Staging Deployment Slot Deploy an update to your Azure Cloud Service using the same number of role instances you are currently running in the production slot